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Case Study



Munich International School (MIS) in Germany has been a CampusPress customer since 2012.  This high achieving K-12 school with impressive facilities has established online spaces that complement their physical environment.
The MIS network is predominately private, meaning sites are built for an audience within the school community. However, MIS does make some of their blogs public for specific purposes — allowing for the benefits of authentic global audiences.


MIS sets up sites on their CampusPress network in a number of different ways. Some of these are ongoing spaces for day to day use, while other sites are built around a particular project or event.

Each student and teacher has their own blog. Plus, junior school teachers have class blogs. We use blogs for school wide events too. For example, Arts Day has a blog set up as a website with information for all participants. After a little training, it’s perfect for things like this.


MIS MakerLab

One of the strategic plan goals at MIS is around the development of a MakerLab (makerspace).

MIS wish to develop plans for spaces, tools and personnel to support students in pursuing their individual passions and curiosity.

One of the learning technology teachers at MIS has set up a blog to document the school’s progress in this area. Professional learning is documented and the whole school community is invited to follow and contribute to plans.

Munich International School Maker Lab Screenshot


MIS Month of Movement

This blog is set up to encourage students to improve their fitness with a fun challenge.

Exercises are posted to the blog along with student demonstrations and motivational music. Students are also invited to post their results on their own blogs.

This online space allows the whole school community to improve their health together.

MIS 30 day month of movement


Across the globe, WordPress is more popular than ever but MIS sees the value of choosing a WordPress hosting solution that’s built for education.

WordPress is a universal platform and the industry standard. Edublogs allows that to work even better in an educational setting.


Being an international school, there is regular student turnover. Therefore, a platform with easy importing and exporting is important. MIS also sees value in students building on their digital portfolios throughout their school history.

Students can bring their blogs from other school or take them with them when they go. CampusPress allows us to have a digital portfolio for EVERY child, across all grades, that is carried over year to year, which is so powerful and not otherwise possible without a HUGE level or organisation that would not happen.


With all the set up provided by CampusPress, staff simply had to upload students and they were ready to go.

We eventually set up LDAP sync, which took some work, but not it’s even easier than before.

The integration of CampusPress with the MIS LDAP directory allowed all users to simply login with the same username and password they use for other services.

MIS are now in the process of setting up Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). This single sign on solution is a secure option that integrates seamlessly with CampusPress. This additional security measure contributes to GDPR compliance.

With the online spaces at MIS taken care of by CampusPress, the school community can focus on their core missions and continue to assist every student to thrive.

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