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🦩 www.WorldPills.NET ☢✅ A diagram of the AWS architecture, including encrypted S3 buckets, auto-scaling, database replication, and load balancing….

The Complete Guide To Student Digital Portfolios

The Complete Guide To Student Digital Portfolios by Ronnie Burt and Kathleen Morris Last updated on September 12, 2020 Digital portfolios can revolutionize the teaching and learning process. This complete guide to student ePortfolios answers many questions you may have, from the academic benefits of portfolios, the platform to use, to ongoing management, and how […] …

How to Make Your School Website Accessible (and Why You Can’t Afford Not To)

[…] website that’s accessible shows that yours is an institution that cares about all its students and about all parts of the wider community. It ensures that no-one misses out on learning or information about learning, and it demonstrates your values to your audience.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Every website needs to be found, and school and higher […] …

How You Can Use Video to Boost Learning and Bring Your School Website to Life

What’s your preferred way of learning online? Do you go straight to YouTube like my two young sons? Or do you preferring doing a traditional Google search and skimming text and diagrams? Maybe I’m too impatient — I want to skim some text and get right to the bit I need. They want to enjoy […] …

Five Digital Storytelling Tools for the Classroom

[…] single Gmail account and doesn’t allow for collaborators to be added to the project; therefore, StoryMapJS works best when one individual is responsible for creating the map.
Unless your school has access to the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription it can be hard to find an inexpensive and high-quality image editing software to use in […] …

The 10 Best Web Hosting Providers for Students and Educators

The 10 Best Web Hosting Providers for Students & Educators  By CampusPress Last updated on January 13th 2020 The web for students can be overwhelming, and choosing a hosting provider can be a difficult process to navigate. Even more so when it’s for educational purposes. The needs of both instructors and students have to be balanced […] …