Published Updates: October 16, 2018:

  • Plugin Updates:
    • Reader – fixed option to disable privacy check.
    • Subscribe By Email – improved compatibility with desktop Outlook client.
    • JSON feed – added support for thumbnails.
    • TablePress – removed bad custom css page link.

Upcoming Updates: October 23, 2018:

  • Plugin Updates:
    • Advanced Settings – enabled ability to disable wpautop for pages.
  • New Plugins:
    • Advanced Network Settings – Adds advanced settings to WordPress for greater control over your network.
  • Theme Updates:
    • Divi – updated to version 3.17.1.

Additional Details for Published Updates:

  • JSON feed

‘thumbnail’ and ‘thumbnail-full’ keys are being added to the feed, first will have URL to thumbnail in ‘post-thumbnail’ size and second to ‘full’ size.  If post-thumbnail size is not registered (Function Reference/set post thumbnail size), both will list full size URL.  In case featured image is not set at all, both will have ”false” value.